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Oregon Divorce Attorney

Salem, Oregon, Child Support Lawyer

When you are working through one of the largest changes in your life, you need to know that you are working with someone who has experience handling similar matters. You need a lawyer who has experience. Someone who has experience working judges from multiple jurisdictions, experience in the court of appeals and knowledge of the law.

That is exactly what you can expect from the Law Office of Gordon L. Dick. Our Oregon divorce attorney can talk with you about each of your options and the pros and cons of each choice. With over 22 years of experience, his answers are drawn from multiple legal areas.

Partnering with Clients Through Life Transitions

When you work with our firm, you will have the opportunity to express your concerns and ask questions. Attorney Gordon Dick‘s background shapes his family law practice nicely:

  • Gordon Dick received his undergraduate degree in psychology. He likes helping people and guiding them through life transitions.

  • With his law degree and more than 22 years of legal experience, Gordon Dick gained an in-depth understanding of every aspect of family law. He understands how various legal matters are intricately related and works closely with clients to resolve each issue.

  • Gordon Dick also has an MBA. His financial background allows him to quickly analyze financial statements. Many people are concerned about whether they will go bankrupt or have other money problems after divorce, and he has the knowledge that is necessary to educate clients about their situation.

Whatever part of the legal process you are working through, our firm can help make sure you get to the other side safely. Contact us online to schedule your initial consultation.