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Divorce Attorney in Salem, Oregon

Divorce is never an easy legal matter to work through. Although everyone has their own concerns, there are a myriad of issues that are common challenges. Some people are shocked their spouse wants to file for divorce; they didn’t realize the problems were so severe. Other people are devastated to learn their spouse was having an affair. For some people, the biggest concern is deciding who will get to keep the dogs or agreeing on parenting time.

Whatever legal concerns you are facing, it is important to work with an attorney who can help you find effective solutions to your problems. When clients contact our firm — the Law Office of Gordon L. Dick — they will work with a Salem, Oregon, divorce lawyer who is committed to guiding them through the divorce process.

When clients meet with attorney Gordon Dick during the initial consultation they are given the opportunity to learn more about the divorce process. We take the time to help people understand what to expect at every stage of the process. The initial consultation is also a good time for clients to begin building a working relationship with attorney Gordon Dick.

Working with Experts to Address Legal Matters

Often, beginning the divorce process brings other legal issues to light as well. If you have additional legal matters that needed to be resolved, we can help you find the appropriate expert to address your situation. For example:

  • If you haven’t filed taxes in more than five years, we can help you find a qualified CPA to get your financial affairs in order.

  • If you are in the midst of a sale of real property, we can help you find a real estate attorney to effectively close the transaction.

  • If you have a large amount of debt, or if someone owes you a great deal of money, we can help you find a bankruptcy lawyer.

  • If you have a family business and are unsure of what it will be worth after the divorce, we can work with a business valuation expert to make sure that the full worth and liabilities are understood.

Some issues need to be handled by an expert, while other issues need a lawyer’s prompt attention. If you have time-sensitive matters, we can make sure your situation is addressed with the urgency it needs. Our firm serves those in the Corvallis, Albany, McMinnville, areas and across Willamette Valley. Learn more about the representation available by contacting us online.